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I'm spending my summer baby-sitting... ok, I pretty much spend my life baby-sitting... and here are stories of recent times:

Some stressful baby-sitting for the last few days:

1) Tuesday day time - this family has been my regular Tuesday day family for a while, but yesterday was my last day with them I'll still see them at the church where I work, though. kids are Jack, 2; Molly, 6; and Meg, 8. I have just Jack for most of the day, and the girls come home an hour before their mom. I meet the girls at the bus stop, often leaving Jack in his crib asleep for the 5 minutes I'm gone - the bus stop is only a block away. Yesterday, on the way to their house from the bus stop, we're crossin the street, and Molly is walking pretty slowly considering that there is a car not that far behind her. Their neighborhood is residential, and the driver was going pretty slowly, so she wasn't in much danger of being hit, but I said something anyway. I said something like, "Hey Molly, hurry up, there's a car coming." Then she said something like, "I want the car to hit me and kill me." I said "why do you want tp die?" and she said, "because I hate myself." I have no idea if she was serious or not, and pretty soon we were busy doing other things, so I couldn't ask her more. What do you think? What should I do/say? Should I do anything?

2) Not asking for advice on this one, but it was stressful nonetheless. Last night - Ethan, 3, and Sam, 6. Their mom had a knee operation last week, so she wanted me to pick them up from school and help with evening activities, including bath. Ethan could not stop screaming, and it didn't seem that he was upset about anything. Sam provoked him some. In the bath, they splashed all over, plus more screaming - more screaming after bath too. Their mom figured they were taking advantage of her not being as strong, etc. as normal. In the bath, Sam asked Ethan not to pour water on his head but did the same to Ethan - even though Ethan didn't have to have his hair washed.

3) Today - Dale (female), 5; Gordon, almost 2; and Emery, 8. Emery's still in school til Friday so wasn't home for most of the day. I'll be taking care of them regularly until they start school. Dale was upset from before I got there. Her school ended ~2 weeks ago, and she's not used to having so little structure to her day. I know the feeling of wanting things to be back to normal/how they used to be, but sympathizing doesn't make things better. She lay on her parents' bed for about an hour after they left and would barely communicate w/me at all (G was asleep, E at school). Her dad (Rob) came home and had lunch with us and then worked some from home - she wanted to hang out by him while he worked. We talked about some fun things to do throughout the summer and about what to do when one is upset. At the end of the day, she was saying I'm her favorite baby-sitter, but I have no idea what changed. Any ideas for fun activities for 5-year-olds, esp. ones that can include her brothers?

Now I'm sitting for Ruby, 6, and Violet and Walter, 3, who can often be some trouble but were pretty good today. In between I sat for Paige and Larkin, 5, but briefly, and not much happened. Which is good, because I'm worried about Dale and Molly. And tomorrow, I'm sitting for Naomi, 5, and Margaret and Rosie, 2 1/2 (and then Hannah, 4, and Jakie, almost 2). Jakie has trouble falling asleep at naptime, Hannah can be disobedient at times, and Naomi has seemed depressed to me at times (she has an older sister too - Yvonne, 8 - and is often a little stuck in the middle. She's a great big sister at times, but not always. Yvonne pesters her, and she doesn't always get what she wants.). Then tomorrow night, I'll head to the house of Ainsley, 9; Jack, 7; and Eliot, 3 1/2. I'll spend the night there and sit for them all day Friday. I've known them for 8 years and am pretty close to them. Hopefully nothing too exciting will happen.

Today was my last day at the school where I volunteer. I d on't spend much time there, but I've been there pretty much every week this year, and I've been working with the same teacher for two years. None of those kids also go to my church or anything, and I haven't baby-sat for any of them. I don't expect to see them again unless by chance, so I was already kind of upset and felt like crying when I got to Dale's house and found her upset.

And people say this job is easy.
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